We market them. They market us.

Return on relationships (RoR) is our biggest objective – We always thrive do a bit more than what is expected from us. When we do good work, it gets discussed and hence our customers invariably become our marketeers. In the last six years over 90% of our customers have reached out to us through strong referrals.


At TOSS the COIN, the entire team first ideates and conceptualizes inside “The IDIOT Box” (TIB). This allows us to not get influenced by external limitations or restrictions from the client’s ecosystem. It is this IDIOT box that gives us out out-of-box ideas ☺

For every project the team has its own 'TIB-stick' test. They do this by being Inquisitive, constantly seeking the “Why”. This helps them identify Dynamic solutions to your needs. For us it’s all about being Imaginative and Optimistic. No output is ever enough for our team. We are Thirsty to improvise, innovate and can often get a little mad about it. But good for you that the TIB moments also insist on us retaining our Social to make you feel at home :)

"Team TTC is great at delivering marketing and business value to their customers. They excel with their innovative ideas and dependable project execution."

Kiran Veigas
Program Director – Corporate Marketing
Happiest Minds Technologies

How did it all start?

The core team at TOSS the COIN is a bunch of enthusiasts who are hard-wired to deliver results. We are like this mini joint family with the freedom of expressions and flexibility of working styles.
Plus, thanks to the story of how we came together to form TOSS the COIN, we recognize the untapped potential that freelancers & stay-at-home mothers have. We work with them and are amazed with the commitment and out-of-the-box thinking that they bring to the table.

""A bunch of incredibly nice guys who do outstanding work!"

Sameer Dua
CEO, Institute of Generative Leadership, India

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