About the Client

Medyaan has engineered an end-to-end tech platform for integrated, accessible, and efficient healthcare delivery for every stakeholder in the ecosystem.

Scope of work

CMO for brand identity, website, digital and non-digital collaterals.

Business Challenges

Ineffective brand penetration and lack of unique identity​


Medyaan existing brand identity did not focus on the technology narrative​


The company was entering global markets and the existing brand did not meet the global standards


Since this was a competitive space, it was essential to improve brand recall​


The company wanted to appeal to the healthcare value chain by positioning itself as leaders in digital healthcare management​

The Inspiration

The Art of Origami​

The team at 'toss the coin' conducted multiple workshops and brainstorming sessions to understand the values of Medyaan and how they could be represented. As the team delved deeper, Medyaan's main mission came to the forefront. Medyaan is dedicated to reshaping and democratizing healthcare experiences, making them accessible to all, much like the universal appeal of origami.​

Just as a simple sheet of paper can be transformed into an array of intricate designs, Medyaan aims to bring technology and innovation to healthcare. The art of origami reflects their core values- dependable, empathetic, resourceful, innovative, and empowered.

Origami is also a symbol of good fortune in many cultures, and marrying this with a healthcare platform would bring a positive outlook to users.​

The Positioning

Solve, Scale, Serve​

Medyaan is all about using technology to solve tomorrow's healthcare and with our positioning of the brand, we wanted to highlight the essence of their approach to healthcare delivery - exceptional, accessible, and forward-thinking.​

The identity of 'Solve, Scale, Serve,' shows the holistic approach of Medyaan, aligning with their goal while remaining true to their core values of innovation, scalability, and customer-centric service.​

The Impact

Exceptional Brand Experience​

This new identity of Medyaan mirrors their commitment to accessible and advanced healthcare. This branding exercise met the organization's goal of creating an identity that will not only help them stand out but will clearly communicate the essence of their offerings.​

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