About the Client

3i Infotech is a leading digital transformation IT
services player, offering solutions across 50+
countries and to over 1000+ clients.

Scope of work

Brand identity for its sub-brand NuRe

Business Challenges

Ineffective brand penetration and lack of unique identity


NuRe brand has evolved to become an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, products and solutions


Ensuring the brand identity meet the global vision of the organization


Creating a futuristic identity with the soul of a problem solver


Appeal to the new generation of thinkers, storytellers, and innovators

The Inspiration

To make it timeless, unique, and relevant

It all starts with the right inspiration. As the team at "toss the coin" delved deeper, the problem statement emerged more clearly. It was not just about getting the brand visual right but also about building a brand architecture that supported the NuRe ecosystem. The Periodic Table, created in the 1800s to categorize complex chemical elements into a structured format, was the perfect inspiration, allowing for high recall and repurposing.

The intersection between the two shapes symbolizes the role that NuRe plays under the expansive umbrella of 3i Infotech - to always deliver excellence at the intersection of innovation, collaboration, and transformation. The brand colors reflect the vibrant personality of the company, being inclusive, young, and expressive.

The Positioning

Return on Digital

The unique positioning of ‘Return on Digital’ is the simplest way to explain the brand positioning of NuRe. For NuRe, digital transformation is a commitment to its customers, partners, and the community. The brand’s messaging is all about delivering enduring value, not just immediate returns. This combined with the high-impact messaging of – Advancing businesses exponentially and responsibly formed the crux of the NuRe story.

The Impact

Seamless Brand Experience

The new NuRe is a true representation of 3i Infotech’s goal of putting its client first. This branding exercise met the aim of the organization’s the dual purpose of crafting a compelling story and empowering the organization to aim higher.

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