About the Client

Oasis Global is a global SAP implementation partner, simplifying the complexities of global trade and transportation management. They streamline operations, compliance, and international trade, empowering businesses to go global faster.

Scope of work

Brand identity and website development for Oasis Global

Business Challenges

Create a fresh and bold brand identity for Oasis to stand out among its competition.


The existing logo did not align with the vision and positioning that the founder had for the company


The company relied on global partners like SAP and it was important to position themselves as experts in the space


The existing brand identity did not generate high recall in the industry


There was too many inconsistencies in the current visual language

The Inspiration

To create a fresh, unique, and bold outlook to represent Oasis Global

In the discovery sessions with the founding team, it was understood that the vision of the founder was to go big, bold, and innovative. They were problem solvers and innovators and the brand identity needed to reflect that.

Taking inspiration from the acronym of the company ‘OG’ and corelating it to what gen Z understands as Original – the brand team worked on the logo and story.

The forward arrow transformed into forming the visual language of the brand, allowing to create unique representations and renders. The overall brand book created an impactful, bold, and fresh brand identity.

The Positioning

We are Original. We are Oasis Global.

Oasis has an original approach that is acquired from a team of experts from their decade-long careers. The approach is innovative, efficient, and one that works. We studied their workflow and created the Oasis approach, “Simplify, Sync, and Scale.”

This approach clearly explains the unique approach of Oasis Global to solving global supply chain problems for their clients.

The Impact

Bold and Consistent Brand Identity

The new Oasis Global is a true representation of their approach and expertise in the field. The execution met the goal of the company, communicating their expertise and unique approach effectively.

We implemented the new brand identity into their newly launched website successfully.

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