What is F.A.S.T?

Find A Solution Today is a high-paced format of workshops by TOSS the COIN. These time-bound workshops are designed by combining multiple tools and techniques from Design Thinking, with a clear objective of delivering outcomes for your business challenge, be it in Strategy, HR, Product, Service Management, or Marketing.

Designed to address your specific business challenge

Triggers new ways of thinking

Expert facilitation using various principles of design thinking

Re-energizing exercises to improve creative thinking

A platform for a high level of collaboration among the participants

Work with methodologies that offer quick outcomes.

Pick from any of the 17 workshops


1.Strategic goal setting

2.Creating shared vision boards

3.Entering new markets

4.Designing for the Metaverse

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5.Improving user journey across your product lifecycle

6.Reimagining product UI

7.Delivering for customer personas

8.Understanding gaps in application delivery

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9.Annual content strategy

10.Visual branding

11.Creating an engaging social media strategy

12.Designing for a specific campaign/event

13.Decoding your brand personality, and verbal and visual language

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14.Bringing the workforce back to office

15.Redefining employee experience

16.Strategic employee branding

17.Designing for an inclusive & diverse workforce

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Customer Stories

The F.A.S.T Impact

Discover how one of India’s largest component manufacturers identified and set actionable goals through our high-paced workshop.

How do we deliver this?

  • Virtual or in-person
  • Follows a fixed methodology to deliver assured outcomes
  • Time-bound framework-driven
  • Specific Design Thinking Tools
  • Half-day to full-day workshops

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